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In case I'll ever need them again :)

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To Do List

This is really just for me, so I don't forget anything :)
- Finish Burke Legacy DONE!
- Finish OWBC DONE!
- Middleton
- Finish Photo Album DONE!
- Finish alphabetacy
- Finish Stevens legacy
- Finish Miner Legacy
- Finish DITFT
- Start bachelor challenge
- Start asylum
- Hobby Leader screenshot thing
- Finish TS3 Legacy

Estimated Completion Time: A decade...plus

Rock-a-Bye Baby - Chapter 6

Spoiler Alert: The end is here!!
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So most of you probably already know about BoolProp, but in case you don't, BoolProp is a simming forum for fans of the Sims! Which includes ts4!

BoolProp is a great place for you to get exposure for any Sims stories you might be working on, as there are plenty of forums for various sims stories.

While there is a focus on stories, there are also lots of fun events/competitions and a great, drama-free community overall (plus I'm a mod there sooo ;))

Check it out! (please?)


Rock-a-Bye Baby - Chapter 5

We're almost there!!!
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Rock-a-Bye Baby - Chapter 2

Welcome to part 2 of "Rosanna is desperate for medals!" aka my WYDC
 photo 2WYDC.jpg
Bennet & Collin wake up and go straight to playing chess. Which would be fantastic if they were legacy kids, but alas, they are not. Logic is of no use to me since kids can't make money off of it
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BoolProp HQ

 photo HQ.png
Heya folks! Welcome to my BoolProp HQ. Well, not exactly an HQ. After Chase's incredibly creative HQ, I decided I had to take mine in a completely different direction. I made mine into more of a mod lair, which is basically a house where the mods all have their own rooms, but there's enough room for BoolProp members to come and hang out :D BTW, if anyone wants to see my mod lair from 4 years ago: click here

Anyways, I decided to go big or go home with this building. When else am I gonna get a chance to use a two story window?
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Rock-a-Bye Baby: A TS2 WYDC - Chapter 1

Hey guys! So I wasn't kidding when I mentioned wanting to rack up some medals on BoolProp, so I present: a WYDC! I originally tried it in TS3 but by the end of about a sim week, my sim STILL hadn't gotten pregnant. Ohh TS3.....Anyways, hope y'all enjoy! :)
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