Rosanna's Randomness (rosanna29) wrote,
Rosanna's Randomness

Wackier Than You: An OWBC Chapter 1

Here would be a good place for a cover...Too bad I don't have one.

Meet our founder: Derek Monroe
Knowledge, Become Education Minister, 6/3/8/5/3

And for once, my founder's starting at college!

Of course living with 7 dormies will help the whole family friends thing

What? You've never seen an exercise bike in the front room of a dorm?

Uh, Halloween was yesterday you two....

Derek's majoring in Psychology, and apparently he has defeated the twin demons of procrastination and distraction.

Anyways, Derek runs into this girl downtown: Lorene Yang

And even though they never even talked to each other at the club, she decides to call him.

*Marsha Alert!*

...Do you just keep that in your back pocket?

Okay, well it seems like they don't have the best conversations...

But it doesn't really seem to matter


Derek: *romantically kisses hand*

Dormies are creepy, but you already knew that, right?

More cute!

Way to ruin the shot, llama


Meanwhile, Derek's also been befriending most of the dormies.

Yup, time flies.

And it's snowing. Oh joy

Derek: "What? OWBC founders are too crazy to help their best friends with their assignments?"
Well you're not exactly 'crazy', Derek. Your fiance, though, is.

*sigh* neat freaks
I forgot to check his personality in CAS, so he was stuck as a neat grouch (gee, reminds me of a few other certain sims).

He's still knowledge, just with 1,200 more simoleans

"Wow, I AM amazing..."

NOOOOOOOOO! Don't ruin it!

"This snowman's going to be amazing, just like me!"

Aww, I haven't had a knowledge sim who likes science yet.

You know, in a school with llama mascots, how are you not beaten up for wearing a shirt with a cow (and chicken) on it?
"Because I'm awesome!"



And this happens to be his room, by the way. For some reason I gave him a toilet as well, but it's not pictured.
"Because I'm too awesome to go to a shared bathroom!"

It's Lorene...AGAIN

Uh, nice dress?

Cafe Worker: "NOOOOO! Not near my food!"

Ouch, as if beating him up wasn't enough.
At least the cow finally won something...

And guess who?


Uh, what ever happened to respecting other people's personal space?


And back to the main neighborhood he goes! Next time the oh-so awesome Derek and the oh-so-weird Lorene get married...and have kids. Oh those poor kids! Anyways, thanks for reading and leave a comment please!
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