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Wackier Than You: Chapter 2.1

Yay, new chapter!

Welcome back!

*falls over from shock*

Now that's a want I'll let you fulfill, Lorene.


Owen doesn't have eyelid creases...

Hey, who threw that block on the ground??

Oh Lorene, so simple minded. And she snores too.

Don't you just love how there are 8 lines on the report card but only one signature?

Yay for sibling bonding!

Blake: "Look at my awesome tower! *does little victory dance*"

Olivia! Don't throw your blocks around when you're done!

"Hey peeps! Look at this awesome structure!"

...Well at least we know where Olivia learned this from

Wow, fears for being rejected by toddlers? That's really pathetic, Lorene.

My sims LOVE bringing home friends from school and work. Blake decides to bring home Darlene from school
(remember that name)

Look who grew up!
"But the only person who was watching was Owen, and he's on the potty!"

Princess dress?
...Did Lorene give that to you?

Well I'm glad you approve of how your sister grew up, Odelia!

Olivia: "Rise and shine, early birds!"
Blake: "...Oh the joys of getting to share my room."

Blake: "So Dad, how about letting me make a wish on that genie lamp?"
"But why?"
"Because if I can't then you can't!"

So cute!

More cute!

Apparently family kissing a little green guy can fulfill that kiss want.

Aww <3

Guess who she's tucking in.

Lorene: "Derek, put down that paper and help me with the garden! You look like one of those townies who can't afford a paper subscription."

Yup, gardening is a family activity with the Monroes.

Um, yay!Doesn't he look happy with that spaghetti?
Oh, yeah, and Owen grew up too. Hee, did I forget to mention that?

Yup, Lorene loves interacting with Odelia

Even Derek's boxers match the room! X]

...Well that's new

*sigh* Oh Blake

Most options I've ever seen for a plant...

Delia skill FAST!

A penguin...? In the springtime? With no fish or snowmen around?

I'm just glad there's a variety of hobbies in this family.

Ah, the joys of lots of rain.

Connect the rain puddles!

..How do they find this fun?

Owen: "GO BLAKE!"
Blake: "Yup, I'm THIS awesome!"

He grew up!

Blake rolled pleasure with an LTW of 50 dream dates. SO not gonna happen.

..Way to be supportive, Derek

Imagine the bruises that could come out of this...

And here's Owen's kid close up, since he didn't get one before.

And proof that I'm doing the family scrapbook bonus.

*sigh* And there was probably something cool there that I wanted to show in this chapter.




Looks like Owen got a A+ too...wait, why didn't he get a pop-up?

Psh, yeah, I'm an amazing simmer.



Blake is on a roll!

Odelia: "Woah, calm down!"
Olivia: "But he's taking GNOMEY!"

Nope, Olivia was NOT happy about that.

Not at all.

And Odelia got a new hairstyle!
"It's a little...big, don'tcha think?"

So remember Darlene from earlier this chapter? Yup, that's her.

"And so that freak stole Gnomey! So NOT awesome!"

Yay for Derek getting Gnomey back!

What's the point of making your bed if you're going to sleep in it again?

Just ignore the wilted plants in the background and look at the happy couple!

Yup, I've gotten my first dead plants.

I think since Darlene was a grown up kid, she has no aspiration...

Nothing to stare at Dely, move on.


Wow, smart kid



Awww again!

And yay!

Tracking dirt, Lorene?


This is the second or third one, I think.

Y'know, I don't think she's going to like her last childhood memory to be the pain of shoving her hand through the table.


And her LTW is to be reach the top of the Gamer track.

And Delia grows up too!

Her LTW is to reach her golden anniversary.

Don't like your makeover, Delia?
"No, I'm just upset since this chapter has come to an end!"
And it has, thanks for reading and leave a comment please!
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