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Wackier Than You: Chapter 2.2

Yes, it's alive!! Shocking, right? But now that I've finished my legacy, I wanna finish this too! So this update is a little shorter than usual. To get you caught up, Derek the awesomeful married Lorene the stalkery, and the had Blake the Awesomeful II, Olivia the ignored, Odelia the adored, and Owen the green one. They're all protected by their faithful Gnomey. Oh! And Olivia's the heiress. Some of these pics were taken before I took my lonnggg break, so I might not remember why I took them. So lets get started!

So here is the Monroe household, in all its glory! Pretty much the only house in the neighborhood, anyways...

Olivia: Just go around me, freak!

How is looking at that part if the computer going to fix anything?

I sortaaaa forgot why I took yeah, sorry bout that

Odelia is dating THIS GUY
His name is Ben

And she likey him! Want come true!

And now they're going steady!

Although it seems like she's embarrassed to be photographed with him


More yay!

Owen grew up! He's knowledge like his dad, though he probably shouldn't get abducted to avoid incest...

Close up! Now go change!
Owen: Okay, okay! But this is comfy!

Olivia is dating Theodore, who shall now be called Ted


I also forgot why I took this pic...Sorry this update kinda sucks, promise that the next one will be A LOT better!

Ted: I'm outie!

Odelia: Yup! Mom offered to pay for a new outfit.

Blake: Wow Mom, manners much?

Olivia: Hiii!
Ted: Heeeyyy!
Ahh teenage relationships, so deep and meaningful!

This is our heiress, folks!


Random girl: PDA much?


*this is where I started playing again after a long break, pics following are way more recent*
This was so adorable, Ted called and Derek answered, Olivia was in the bathroom so ran out to answer the phone.

They went on another date to Londoste (Which is why he called)

Shame that their legs are sticking through the tablecloths

Better hope thats water in those glasses!

Olivia: *twitch* I have a baaaad feeling about this!

Why is Olivia not moving? Yeah, she glitched so I had to exit without saving...

For those to say that maybe Lorene favors Odelia since they have a higher relationship...

Odelia: Mom, I'm trying to meditate! Stop trying to family kiss me!
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