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Wackier Than You: Chapter 2.3

This is a bit of a messy chapter...again xD

Okey doke, so we start off with Owen the knowledge sim being shipped of to college! See ya kid!

His siblings don't seem to care too much

Meanwhile, Lorene wishes for money!
"Didn't you used to have cool custom skin?"
"*sigh* I did but somebody thought it was a waste!"

Anyways, the house got a makeover! The tiny little house with 2 bedrooms was bugging me, so here's the new 4 bedroom + nursery one!

Most of the rooms are empty until they're needed

Odelia seems to like it!"
"Nah, just the chips. They're barbeque!"

Oh come one! Not the flamingoes D:

Odelia gets a makeover!

As does Olivia (who's heiress, remember?)

Oh, Blake, still a kid at heart, huh? I bought a wobbly wabbit head which seemed to satisfy the want

Meanwhile, our heiress's boyfriend was aged up into an adult

And he doesn't he clean up well? :P

The rest of them are shipped off to college, even though I originally didn't want to send them.

And they meet up with Owen.

Who, by the way, has elf ears. I didn't even notice that earlier xD

And then Olivia drops out. Why? Because I want to get a move on with this OWBC!

The rest of them are staying with that premade group of students in Sim State. One of them is Allegra?

I think Olivia grew up a bit better than Odelia, who's face looks rather smushed together

Owen: "Quit looking at my ears!"

Enthusiastic much?

Not happy that Odelia's not heir? xD

I'm going for 1 generation without any promotions, since Lorene's already Captain hero, Derek just can't earn a body skill point.



And look at all the goodies he brought!

I dunno if it's 3 flamingoes for everyone who's living there at the moment, or 3 for everyone that's ever lived there. So I'm going with the latter for a ton of flamingoes.

Unfortunately, Ted turned out to have the grow up aspiration...

So now we have a grilled cheese sim!

Although Olivia doesn't seem to like to table about grilled cheese :(

Oh come on, you so saw that coming!

Yay wedding!

Ooh! Ted's at the top of his career too! Then that means Lorene and Ted will work, while Derek takes care of the garden and Olivia paints.

And to show that I've been doing the family portrait thingy

Wow, she's autonomously trying for baby, AND she's going to get back gnomey?

Yay! At least Lorene will listen to grilled cheese talk!


Guess it worked!

...The main focus of this picture for me is Ted's nose in the photobooth pic xD

Good thing Lorene doesn't know what was going on on that couch earlier...


Here's a trick. If your grilled cheese sim constantly wants to make grilled cheese for a sim, have the sim take a bite, stop, take a bite, stop. The want will be fulfilled each time

In the photobooth!? Guys! You have a bed upstairs!

Yay for pregnant with L baby!

So helpful! They eat it in one bite!

Never seen that want before, the icon is pretty :)

And they get a cat! Named Whiskers! I know, my creativity is amazing, right?

*watches Whiskers watching a fly*

Are you biting or kissing it?

Smart cat!

Woah! Whiskers "begged for food" from Lorene, who tossed some food over her shoulder, which Whiskers is eating right now. Never seen that before!

Aww! So cute that I might make Derek sleep on the couch


Whiskers is a coward, so she's not too thrilled. Better get her a collar!


And of course, the burglar runs outside to feel the rain xD

Fight fight fight! Ooh, cute cop!

The family copes in interesting ways. Lorene screams at an empty TV screen

Derek hangs out with a werewolf

And then the cop decides to walk in xDD


Lorene (who was sent in to add the cop to her contacts), however, gets quite a shock.

Whiskers falls asleep in front of the shower while Olivia is in the bathroom. Wacky indeed

I buy them a new couch and then there's a pile of trash under it!? D:

Anyways, thanks for reading, if anyone is reading!
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