Rosanna's Randomness (rosanna29) wrote,
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Wacker Than You: Chapter 3.0

I waannttt ze shiny medal!!

Whiskers is still, well, crazy. I really regret making her hyper and friendly (she WILL NOT leave anyone alone!)

Ted: What?
You just went potty and then conjured up a grilled cheese without washing your hands first!

See! Even she doesn't wanna sleep next to her gross husband!

Yes. Sit facing the other way and cheer. That makes sense.

Olivia: Baby!
Ted: Ugh, no way am I playing that song
Olivia: No! Baby on the way!

Meet baby L! A boy named Lucas

Whiskers seems to find him interesting

The cherry wallpaper just doesn't seem to go with the macho furniture :P

Her mouth is closed and blue chunks are flying everywhere xD

Lorene-the-family-sim dotes on lil Lucas

Whereas I have to make Olivia change his diaper and such

What'chou looking as Whiskers?

Doesn't Olivia look so excited!?

Here are Lucas' stats

What lovely parents!

Close up!

*sigh* Cat eats people food and person eats cat food

Oh Whiskers, admit it, you like the attention!
Whiskers: Meow

For some reason they can't "join" watching TV anymore?


Derek got a job in education because...


He's retiring!

Lorene cleaned up a lot better, I think

Though they just don't seem the same with gray hair...


That's just creepy!

I dunno why, but they seem more cute when they're old

That's cereal! See!

Wowza it's gonna be a busy gardening day

Nice choice of location

Here's another boy, this one with his Dad's eyes: Paul (Thanks Mara!)

She got pregnant again...with her clothes on xD
Although my eyes feel better

Lucas doesn't seem to mind that his brother is screaming and stinky

Lorene: What's for breakfast?
Derek: Guess
Lorene: Gee, I wonder

She dotes on this one too!

6 more flamingoes were added!

Playing around with stretchskeleton

Golden Anniversary party!

Way to make an impression, Ted

Okay, this does it, I'm downloading the hack to stop this salute!

Seriously guys!? Gnomey used to belong to you guys too!

Hypocrite much?

Lorene: Olivia dear, why did you take a bite out of our anniversary cake already? You know, your sister would never do that...
Olivia: Gee, thanks Mom. And who's been providing you with grandchildren?

Don't let your Mom know, she'll think your stealing her thunder xD

At least they saved their celebration for when the party ended

Playing with stretchskeleton here too

Unfortunately you can see his hand cut through her fingers

Sorry you have to be in the same room as that, Liv
Olivia: Well, at least they're not naked
They were, but then I used the simblender

Lucas: Yay! I'm a big boy now!

Paul's personality

Lucas: Read me a bedtime story?

Aww, haven't had this happen in so long!

So close to not falling asleep! Just 2 bites left!

Lorene trained both Lucas and Paul. Olivia's probably gonna be hearing that for a longgg time to come

Lil cutie!
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