Rosanna's Randomness (rosanna29) wrote,
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Wackier Than You: Chapter 3.1

Ready for an ususually long update?

What's a better welcome back picture than of grilled cheese?

Lorene: So you're going to be nice to all the other kids at school now?
Lucas: Sure Grams! not


Psst, window's over there!


Wow, didn't know kids could steal gnomes back! And at 3AM on a school night?!


Oh Whiskers, we know you love the attention

*gasp* Lorene!

Whiskers: Meow?

Nah, she's still alive.

And now Olivia gives birth while a sim who rather reminds me of Olivia watches

It's a girl named Rosaline;

she has Lorene's hair and eye color, while Paul has Ted's and Lucas has Olivia and Derek's

It's 4am, kid.
Lucas: Hey, you were the one who forgot. I was the one who rolled a want to finish my homework

Lorene's still captain hero, don't think there's a real need to retire

Well, hopefully he won't remember all that now!

Rosaline's personality

And here she is!


Derek and Lorene take care of the kids most of the time. Ted just eats grilled cheese and Olivia


So cute!

Tsk tsk...

Lucas and Paul's pictures have been added!

Is is sad that this is the only way my sims ever bond with their siblings?


Looks cute, right?


But that is!

What's up Paul?
Paul: That lady's whistling woke me up :(


Not. Now. Whiskers!!!

It's a good thing he doesn't know that he's sleeping on the spot where his sister was conceived...

Male bonding!

Aww. This would be cute if it weren't 2 AM

Who are you?
Hobby Lady: I'm here to give someone a membership card?
*snicker* Look down

It's like he KNOWS what happens on that couch!

Rosaline grew up!

Woah! Big pile!

Awww. Lorene no longer annoys me now. That's Whisker's job

Lucas: Heeyyy, why doesn't she have to eat grilled cheese!?
Rosaline: Haha, we're out!

Well not anymore!

Closest to family bonding it gets around here

Lucas grew up!! He rolled knowledge with an LTW to become an prestidigitator

Aww, he's a little nerd

Rosaline: LOOKAMEEE!

It's the middle of summer and no fish is around...but okay!

Ugh, I dunno why but Lorene and Derek won't sleep through the night. They wake up as soon as their energy bars are full, usually at 2Am


I have a hack that makes sims stop eating when they're full, which is helpful, but this gets very annoying!


An experiment: is it because they sleep downstairs?

Nope. Guess it's just the senility

The kids all love fishing, they all have bronze badges

Yes. This is what you get, mailgirl, for wandering around the porch after you've dropped off the paper.


Paul: Hey! I'm growing up! Hello?
Rosaline: But look at this!!

Paul rolled popularity with an LTW to become mayor

I aged up Rosaline via boolprop to get a teen pic, then exited w/o saving. This is because as soon as she teens, they'll be sent to college and then the heir will drop out. Anyways, she rolled fortune.

Thanks for reading :)
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