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Around two years ago, there was a girl named Rosanna who loved to recolor t-shirts. She used crappy Maxis meshes, used copy and paste for textures, and overall made crappy shirts. Now, with more knowledge of photoshop, invisibility, and the burn tool, she is back with shirts for your simmies!
This is gonna be released in parts, part one is shirts for teen females. There's gonna be some for CF and TM as well, and probably more TF :P Anyways, there are only 11 shirts in this post, each are labeled, and they've been compressorized for your convenience :) Mesh is the TF untucked shirt mesh, which most of you have, but if you don't it's by Migamoo at Mod the Sims.

The lovely Jocelyn Miner is modeling for me :]

Solo Tee

Thumper Tee

Fast Food Tee



Gleek Tee

Seahorse Tee

Ladybugs Tee

Popsicles Tee

OriginalGlee Tee

Frames Tee

DOWNLOAD: http://www.box.net/shared/tik885x9l1