Rosanna's Randomness (rosanna29) wrote,
Rosanna's Randomness

Wackier Than You: Chapter 4.0

Sorry for the huge images!

So erm, yeah, fishing! I took these pictures forever ago soooo yeahh...

Aww brotherly love!

Byeee, have fun at collegeee! Psh, yeah, like he's gonna stay

Aww <3

Much better. And look at the pool! :D


Anyways. That was Paulette and she's on a date with Lucas. I really don't remember how they met though...



And proof that I'm doing Family Portraits!


Poor Whiskers :(

Aww, it's not even for him! But still! Aww

Heh. Heh. nice...

Bye guys!

Psh, can you imagine? Hey Dad! This is my wife of a day! And she's carrying my baby too! Oh, and she's been living with us for a while now too!

*sigh* REALLY Whiskers?

Aww, Derek Whiskers bonding time!

I swear I had an interesting comment to go with this pic...

Yayy Babbehh! His name is Oscar!

Aww <33
Oscar's stats!


*rolls eyes* Typical




All of Derek's aspie points spent :(

Maxed all skills!

Wacky indeed!

<333 I'm really gonna miss these two!


New baby! A boy named Peter

Oh, and a girl named Paige! (That's actually Peter again, not Paige, but I lost the pic of Paige, soooo...)


So adorable!

Heh, you got OLD!




Whiskers is finally getting attention!



Mara was right; potty training faces are AMAZING!



So cute!



Look at Olivia! D:


I think she actually had a higher relationship w/ Olivia than Blake...*shrug* no way I can check D:

Lorene will be missed <3 She was actually pretty awesome as an elder

Poor Oliva was the only one who cried autonomously :(



See! D:

Scarred for life much? Those are his grandparents. Naked. Ugh.



Aww, poor guy <3

And sorry for the awful commentary xD
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