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Wackier Than You: Final Chapter!

Yup, you read that right, I finished this OWBC! /spoiler

We're starting this off on a high note; Olivia reached her LTW! Yayyz~

YAY BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! This is Claire ^_^ When she becomes an adult this OWBC is done!

And they got a puppy! YAYYY PUPPPYYY! His (maybe her, idk xD) name is Sandy!

And here's where teh sadness comes in :'(((((((

Wait, what happened to Olivia, you know, the kid that he lives with!?

You two will be missed <3

But anyways, it's birthday timez! Poor Olivia; although I'm suspecting she's upset since her dad didn't love her as much as her siblings...



With each death comes a life? Or something like that?

Well here's Peter all grown up! And he's smiling just a liiitle creepily...

And here's Paige!

Now that's GOTTA hurt...


Claire grew up!

Isn't she a cutie!?

Reading one of your best sellers, Paulette? :P

Typical family dinner, pregnant man, the kids are sitting the same way like robots, eating square fruit for dinner...

DEREK! Well, I'm happy to see him, but I don't think he's too happy to see me again...

"WOOT BED!" Although you and Lorene spent more time on that couch Dx

More sibling bonding! Yup, lots of that goes on around the activity table...



Poor Paige was sleeping in her great-grandparents bed and was woken up when Derek's ghost decided to haunt it xD

Poor guy xD

Lucas: "*ignore. ignore. don't look. don't look. ignore."

Olivia: "Dear, can you please move? I have to go tinkle"
Lucas: "Mom. I sorta just had a baby."
And his name is Ethan! :D


And then Sandy grew up. The tail creeps the bajeezers outta me, idk why but it really does!

So cute <3

Peter: "WHY did my brother have to grow up and become so much taller than me!?"
Oscar: "And don't forget WAY better looking!"

Claire grew up too!

Aw come on, it must not be THAT disappointing to come back and see me again!

Ethan grew up!

Excuse the nose makeup, I was just messing around xD

Guess which two simmies got the flu?

Guess who got the flu from serving his parents soup?

Oh Whiskers...


Olivia: "Byeee walll!"
Paulette: "*day dreams about writing while muching on chef salad*"
Oscar: "Yeahh, so I'm just gonna leave for Sim State now..."

Paige: "Oscar's gone! That means there's another bed to jump on now!"
Claire: "Suh-weet! Hopefully this one won't be haunted!"

Real supportive...

She even kissed it, it was hilarious xD


Ethan grew up too! Very fitting pjs, too.

And I changed the alien default since for some magical reason, I didn't have one before!

Proof that I did the family album thingy challenge add on thingymajig!
I has good grammar

Oh dear

Whiskers the ninja cat!

Paige rocks.


Peter got a date. Just keep walking, Claire...

Aww, Derek knows it's the last day here and he came to say goodbye to you guys! <3


Lol, nice outfits, guys...

I FINISHEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back and home and madeover!

Aaand proof that I had the gnome and all those flamingos!

And there we have it! :') Thanks so much to you guys for reading & sticking with me through all of this!
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